The Asian is also known as the Malayan; a cat breed similar to the Burmese but  different in coat colours with pattern, The Asian cat is a hybrid breed—a cross between the Lilac Burmese and Chinchilla Persian. They may also have ancestry from the Bombay, Burmilla, or Burmese. Asian with long-haired are known as Tiffanies.

The Asian mixed cat breed originated in Great Britain in 1981. The Lilac Burmese was bred with the Chinchilla Persian, and the resulting kitten was then bred with a Siamese to combine its features. The hybridization was done by Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg.

Asian cat breed head structure

The Burmese breed of domestic cat was developed in Britain. Their development began with a litter of kittens born in 1981. The kittens were descendants from Burmese cat and the other.

Body Structure

Asian cats are medium-sized, breed of domestic cat. The cat can weigh between 6-13 pounds. It can be 13cm in length. They have a broad, round chest, slender legs with a tail of medium length and pleasant rounded head without flattened areas. The full-looking face has visible spots in profile that gives it an appealing look. Its eyes are wide-set and come in the colour of yellow. The male are bigger than the female.

Asian cat with good body structure

The Asian cat is unique in that it can come in almost any color you could thought of, can be multiple colors or patterns. Cats with black, white, tabby, and smoke coats are especially popular. The coat of the Asian cat is fine, satiny and glossy.


These felines are known for being social, inquisitive, and active. This breed is very affectionate and loves to be around people. They are quite noisy and will get what they want, such as your attention. They have a strong will and love to play with their owners. They do not like being held or cuddled all the time, but rather prefer playing. They interact with people regularly including strangers.

Asian cat displaying its behaviour


It is recommended that the Asian cat does well in apartments, as long as they are not in a noisy city. They do not enjoy loud noises from automobiles, buses, or trucks. If it needs to live in an apartment, it must be in the area that is peaceful and quiet.

Brush the cat once to twice a week in order to keep the coat in good condition and prevent mats from forming. Use grooming time as an opportunity to bond with your feline friend. Asian cats are fairly adaptable when it comes to climate, so make sure there is enough shade and fresh water around.

Even though early socialization can be difficult, it really pays off with this mixed breed. Make sure to reward your cat for good behavior when you bring them home to your family! The Asian cat breed can get along with many other domestic animals including dogs.


Asian cats tend to live about 12-18 years. Asian cats are generally considered to be healthy; however some of the more common health problems they suffer from include: Retinal atrophy (the deterioration and death of the cells in the retina), Hypokalaemia (low blood potassium levels), Polycystic kidney disease , including snoring .

Asian cat with good health


Female Asian cats go into their first heat at about seven to eight months old. Although it is a separate breed, a Burmese cat can produce an Asian kitten because they are so closely related. A single kittening can produce both Burmese and Asian kittens.


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