The American Wirehair Cat Breed Information

American wirehair cat lying on the bed

The American Wirehair Cat was created in 1966 by a breeder named Joyce Sroufe. The breed was meant to be a re-creation of the coat type that was popular in cats from the 1800s to early 1900s.

The American Wirehair originated as a mutation in the domestic cat population. A spontaneous mutation produced one unusual kitten with distinctive fur. The American Wirehair is a spontaneous mutation of the American Shorthair. It first occurred as a random mutation among a litter of five born to a pair of barn cats in 1966 in Vernon, in upstate New York. This single red and white male had wiry fur.

The American wire-haired cat breed originated in the 1960s. It began with a male kitten born to a pair of barn cats. The breeder named him Adam of Hi-Fi, and he was crossed with other shorthaired cats that carried the wire hair gene. This was done by a cat breeder named Joan O’Shea who purchased the kitten and allow the breeding to take place.

As the population of cats grew in America, people began to export them elsewhere. The breed did well abroad, and by 1967 it was recognized by the CFA. American Wirehairs have yet to make an appearance in Britain and Australia among other countries.

It was found that the gene responsible for Wirehair coat patterns was dominant; only one parent needs to carry the gene to produce Wirehair offspring. Today, all American Wirehairs are descended from Adam or Amy, two cats with this dominant trait. The breed is still relatively rare, even though they are now recognized by four out of five North American cat associations.

In the 1960s, the first wirehair cat was discovered. Geneticists were suspicious that it might be related to Cornish or Devon Rex cats, so they tested and confirmed that there was no relation. They then developed a new breed which is now called the American wirehair cat.

Physical Appearance

The Wirehair is a breed of cat that is distinguished by its wire-like coat. The Wirehair has a moderate, sturdy build with round heads, high cheekbones, and a pronounced muzzle. The female Wirehair is generally smaller than the male. Colors in the coat of the Wirehair include browns, reds, grays, black and white, but the Wirehair coat trait is dominant, so any breeding between a Wirehair and another cat can produce wired kittens.

American wirehair cat showing good physical appearance

Wirehairs are moderate-sized cats with round heads, high cheekbones, and a pronounced muzzle. The American wire hair cat is a medium sized, hard coat with springy texture. The eyes are golden except for some of the white cats which have blue or amber eyes. The ears are wide set and slightly rounded at the tip.

The American Wirehair is one of the most popular cat breeds in the United States. Their unique coat is known for being springy, dense, resilient, coarse, and hard to the touch. It also distinguishes them from all other breeds.


The Wirehair’s even temperament is similar to that of its American Shorthair relative. They are active and playful, but quiet and gentle. The Wirehair enjoys spending time with humans and prefers to stay indoors. It is also described as humorous by some owners.

American wirehair displaying its behaviour

Training and Caring

Wirehair are a particular breed of cat that enjoy their family’s attention. They are loyal and playful, so they often play fetch and like to play as much as the American Shorthair. Wirehairs retain their independent spirit and agility, making them fun-loving cats.

They are generally playful, active dogs that enjoy interactive toys in which their family can take an active role. They will play by themselves if necessary, but tend to be happier with other pets or children. They live an average life span of 13-18 years.

American wirehair ready for training and caring

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