When Rabbits And Dogs Live Together can very stressful because they are different from each other. Dogs always see rabbits as prey to them while rabbits act as predators, so housing the two together may not be possible sometimes.

If you want to house your Rabbits And Dogs Live Together you have to apply some procedures don’t just unleash your dog on the rabbit.

Rabbits have been known to die of fright, scared to death by dogs. Rabbits can easily go into shock, so any introduction of the predatory animal must be done with extra care.

The decision to house your dogs with the rabbits must be made with careful consideration and full responsibility.

Your dog must be well trained and obey your command, know that you are in control of both of them.

a dog keeping a rabbit under its chin
Let the dog be the one that listens to your command so that you would have prepared the dog for the upcoming event not to descend on the rabbit once sighted it.
Dogs past the teething stage can be trained to get along with rabbits. whether the dog is already leaving in the home and the rabbit is the new mate, or the dog is the newcomer to the home both can work.

Some tips to follow Rabbits And Dogs Live Together

Uses of a Cage:

Place your rabbit inside the cage and allow the dog to be looking at it from the cage. Don’t allow your dog to scare the rabbit or bark at the rabbit. This stage can take several days to achieve the result, make sure your dog behaves well around the cage whenever they are there. The Uses of cage for both rabbits and Dogs will make it more easier for Rabbits And Dogs Live Together.

Create a Good Space:

Creating a good space in your house means finding a neutral place in your home that the dog is not used to such as your kitchen or other places where you can control their interaction this will reduce their territorial behavior. This should be the place where the dog can not come and attack the rabbit. this makes it more easier for Rabbits And Dogs Live Together.

Removing the Barrier:

This is the opening of the cage and this is to teach the rabbit that the dog is not a threat to them. The rabbit should come out of the cage on its own don’t force the rabbit to do so. just open the cage if the rabbit feels ready it will come out. The dog should remain in a lie-down position with its body not to be aggressive toward the rabbit. If the dog should be able to follow this step, then good progress is been made.

a dog and a rabbit playing together

Feeling more comfortable:

Once the two have acclimatized to the new setting they will ease and relaxed around each other. When both of them have become close to each other the dog will know its limit but this is rare in cases if it occurs.


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