The Minuet, also known as the Napoleon; Napoleon Cat Breed, is a cross between Persian and Munchkin cats. Joseph B. Smith, a Basset Hound breeder, and American Kennel Club (AKC) judge created the mix. Smith, a Munchkin fan who felt that the inevitable long-legged versions were unrecognizable from similarly mixed cats, decided that something had to be done to create a cat that was unique in both short- and long-legged versions, and that looked purebred.

For two reasons, he chose the Persian breed group as an outcross to the Munchkin: beauty and boning. These breeds are the only permissible outcrosses for creating the Minuet, as per TICA’s official standards. Minuets are available in both long and short-haired varieties.

Napoleon cat breed sitting by the window

Because of its short stature, the Napoleon is also known as the Minuet Cat. Its name is a reference to Napoleon Bonaparte. This is another of the many dwarf cat breeds that have recently been developed. Margie Gardner and Sam Tate were instrumental in advancing the breed. Teri Harris was the one who presented the Minuet to TICA in 2011, allowing it to be recognized as a Preliminary New Breed.

Body Characteristics

  • Thes Napoleon Cat Breed is strong and medium-sized. They have a low-slung body with solid, strong boning and good musculature.
  • The legs of the standard version of the breed will be short. Napoleon Cat Breed inherited the Munchkin’s distinctively short legs, which are caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation.
  • The cat’s agility is not hampered by its short legs.
  • Napoleon Cat has a round face with large, round eyes that are spaced apart moderately. The head, as well as the cheeks and muzzle, are described as round.
  • The ears will range in size from small to medium.
  • Napoleons typically weigh five to nine pounds and stand 7-8 inches tall. However, many are likely to be smaller or larger than average.
  • The Minuet has a short snout, a round face, a dense coat, and a lot of boning. For its unusually short legs, the boning offers a good support system.

You’ll notice right away that Napoleon’s fur is glamorous and plush, and it can be long or short. A thick undercoat and straight, soft hairs characterize the longer coat. The denser, softer coat is on the shorter dog. A Napoleon cat can come in a wide range of beautiful colors and patterns.


Napoleon cat with blue background

A Napoleon is affectionate, people-oriented, and gentle, but he is also curious and energetic. These cats are energetic and playful, and they enjoy interacting with their owners. They dislike being left alone and prefer to be surrounded by people, pets, and other cats.

They also get along well with children and form strong bonds with humans. Just keep in mind that because the Napoleon is such a sociable cat, they need to be around people as much as possible, so if you’ll be gone for long periods of time, consider another breed of cat.

The Napoleon has a playful and curious side in addition to being a total cuddle bug. They aren’t the most athletic cat, owing to their short legs, but they are always up for some fun. To keep your cat mentally stimulated, add some interactive toys to the living environment.

Caring and Grooming

Napoleon will necessitate a moderate amount of attention. The amount of grooming required will, however, be determined by the type of coat your cat has. Brushing your Napoleon once a week may be enough to keep his coat looking smooth and healthy if he has short fur.

Napoleon cat lying on the bed

However, if your cat has a longer coat, you should brush him at least twice a week, especially to avoid matting. Most Napoleon cats can adapt to a variety of climates. During the hotter months, you should also make sure there is enough shade and freshwater available.


Napoleons are generally healthy cats, though they are susceptible to the same diseases that plague the Munchkin and Persian breeds. Polycystic kidney disease (PKD), cataracts, and lordosis are all common in minuets. They have a lifespan of 10-15 years.


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