Dogs are growing at an extraordinary rate and developing ailments that have never been seen before. They were created to live longer and healthy lives. It’s a pity that a dog who has just been alive for a few years is suddenly considered a senior. We can help turn these statistics around and grow old with our pups with a little patience, knowledge, and work. Dogs’ lifespans are influenced by breed, heredity, and size, with giant dogs living shorter lives than small dogs. However, much like people, there are certain lifestyles variables that can help your dog live longer.

Few Tips That Can Help Your Dog To Live Longer

How to help your dog live longer

  • Give them plenty of exercises

Dogs require a lot of exercise and having one means you’ll receive the benefits of exercise as well. Exercise requirements vary depending on your dog’s breed and size, but 30 minutes to two hours of physical activity each day is recommended for low-energy pups and two hours for high-energy species. Exercise helps your dog’s heart stay healthy and prevents fat and heart disease. It also tones muscles, helps metabolism, and, most significantly, provides intellectual stimulation to your pet.

  • Give them a balanced and Natural diet

Diet is crucial to living a long and healthy life. A balanced diet is essential for your pet, and it is scientifically shown that dogs who eat less live longer. Many commercially prepared pet diets contain low-quality meat and are rich in fat, salt, and sugar. The closest thing to feeding your dog a raw diet is freeze-dried dog food, which keeps all of the vitamins, nutrients, and flavors of the original raw meal. A variety of proteins is required in every diet. This lowers your dog’s chances of acquiring food sensitivity. Raw fruits and vegetables, as well as raw meat, should be included in your dog’s diet. Make a slow change with any dietary modification.

  • Training and Mental simulation
  • training and simulation to help your dog live longer

Training is equally crucial in ensuring your pet’s well-being. You must have more control over your dog in order to give them more freedom. If you or a professional can educate your dog to stop on a dime and return when called, you’ll be better prepared to defend them in future situations where their life could be jeopardized. Mental stimulation is also crucial in assisting your companion in living a longer life.

Dogs can get bored and destructive in the contemporary environment when they are rarely allowed to run in large open spaces or required to search for their food. Training and mental stimulation can greatly assist your dog in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and living longer.

  • Avoid Parasites and the Chemicals Used to Control them

Fleas and ticks can carry potentially lethal parasites like tapeworm and Lyme disease, as well as other blood and intestinal parasites, infecting your cat. It’s critical to keep your dog healthy by preventing fleas, ticks, and heartworms. It’s far more difficult to get rid of an infestation once it’s started. There are a variety of natural pest-prevention strategies that you may use to keep your dog and the environment pest-free.

Avoid parasite and the chemical use d to control them

Instead of using harsh chemicals, I recommend that you look into natural alternatives. Flea and tick treatments can be dangerous at times, and should, in my opinion, be avoided. These treatments contain chemicals that enter your dog’s bloodstream and can cause allergic reactions, skin problems, seizures, and even death.

  • Avoid Depression, Stress, and Anxiety

Dogs are herd animals that require friendship and bonding in order to thrive. Stress and worry can be harmful to your dog’s health and happiness, but happy dogs, like happy people, have stronger immune systems and live longer healthier lives. It would be ideal if our dogs lived as long as we do, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Although their lives are shorter than ours, there are things we can do as owners to not only help them live longer but also to improve their general quality of life. The more time we spend with our canine companions, the better.


Show your dog love, care, attention, and engagement to help them live longer. Allow them to take a walk around from time to time, but not all of the time if they are in a specific location. Leashes and fenced yards are essential for keeping your dog safe. Antibiotics should not be overused in order for them to live longer.


Kehinde Ezekiel is a freelance writer who has covered many topics, including home improvement, gardening, pets, tech, and parenting.

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