The German Shepherd is a breed of dog that is known for being extremely cautious about strange canines and humans who are not from their immediate surroundings, as well as being extremely aware of their surroundings. If raised together, the German Shepherd gets along well with children and other pets, but what happens when it is a cute small dog? As long as both dogs are thoroughly socialized and educated, German Shepherds can get along swimmingly with smaller canines.

It has nothing to do with the other dog’s size or breed; rather, the German Shepherd’s disposition can be aloof since they are protective and attentive to strangers. As soon as possible, it will be vital to foster socialization.

Whether or if your German Shepherd will be good with little dogs depends heavily on their socialization and training. You can successfully incorporate tiny dogs into the picture if you understand your German Shepherd’s mentality, particularly what prompts bad behavior. German Shepherds will get along with smaller dogs if they have been properly socialized.

German shepherd and small dog sitting together

Due to their size and attitude, German Shepherds can be dangerous. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of their getting along with tiny dogs. Getting Your German Shepherd Used to Be Around Small Dogs The difference between your German Shepherd getting along with a tiny dog and being hostile depends on proper socialization. It all comes down to how they were socialized as puppies and how they were trained as adults.

Your German Shepherd can make the best decisions if it learns to distinguish between threatening and non-threatening creatures and circumstances through socialization. This is advantageous not only for human-dog connections but also for dog-dog partnerships, particularly with tiny dogs. Between the ages of 8 and 12, when your German Shepherd puppy is already protected by immunizations, is the perfect time to introduce and socialize him.

If you’re thinking of getting a new dog companion for your German Shepherd, keep in mind that dogs, especially German Shepherds, are territorial creatures. Small and large dogs can coexist, but you should try to anticipate your German Shepherd’s reaction if you decide to bring a new dog home.

Small dog and german shepherd sleeping together

When a dog perceives that a new animal is invading its space or consuming all of its attention, it may become violent and even attempt to attack the other dog. Most of the time, we don’t know what to do when two dogs don’t get along well within the house. It is also vital to supervise the actions of both dogs simultaneously.

When you can’t oversee them, keep the little dog and the German Shepherd apart, and don’t let the GSD bully or play rough with the new dog. Even if it is a tiny breed dog, when two dogs of various ages live together, they tend to get along better. This is due to the fact that a defined structure has been formed.

How To Make A German Shepherd Relate With A Small Dog

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your German Shepherd and the newest member of your family get along. Introduce your GSD and new small dog on neutral ground if possible, and make sure they’re both on leashes so you can keep them under control. You can take the dogs off their leashes and just let them be after they appear to be at ease near each other.

This time of play should ideally take place in your yard. GSDs are both protective and affectionate. Their new best buddy or worst adversary could be a little dog. To ensure that GSD gets along with the small dogs, they must be properly socialized and trained using positive reinforcement.

How to make small dog relate well with german shepherd

In the beginning, keep an eye on any interactions between your GSD and a smaller dog. At first, keep their playtime simple, avoiding any stimuli that can distract them. Above everything, have patience. Dogs of all sizes take time to become accustomed to each other. Being calm and patient while socializing your GSD will result in a successful relationship for you, your GSD, and your new small dog.


When it comes to introducing your German Shepherd dog to a small dog breed, making sure he is well socialized will make all the difference. There are techniques to train your German Shepherd so that he can successfully play with small dogs, whether you are introducing a tiny dog into the home as a new companion.


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