Caring for German Shepherd Puppy is a difficult chore, and a mother GSD may require your assistance as the due date approaches, you may notice the mother engaging in nesting behavior. If she is a first-time mother, she may want additional assistance from you to keep them safe and healthy. German shepherds have a gestation period of roughly 64 days, which is significantly longer than smaller breeds.

In one litter, a mother GSD can have anything from 4 to 13 puppies, with 9 being the average. The puppies are born toothless, blind, and deaf. They are quite frail and have not fully developed to take care of themselves, so we must provide extra attention and care.

Normally, the mother GSD looks after her puppies. Mother GSDs are fiercely protective of their young, so humans normally avoid interfering. However, you must take command if the mother GSD is unable to produce enough milk and refuses to care for her litter.

In this article, we will be discussing about German Shepherd Puppy Guide – How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy.

German shepherd puppies with their mother

Caring For German Shepherd Puppy

Newborn German shepherd puppy sleep and feed for the first several weeks of their lives. It is vital for the puppies’ health and survival that they nurse immediately and continue to nurse. As soon as possible, begin breastfeeding the puppies. The mother first produces colostrum, which contains antibodies that aid in the development of the puppy’s immune system.

Puppies cannot excrete without stimulation throughout their first two weeks of life. The mother usually does this by licking the puppies, but if she doesn’t, you may have to do it yourself. Gently massage the puppy’s anal area with a moist towel.¬†Make sure the puppies’ bed is kept clean.

If the litter is orphaned or abandoned by the mother German shepherd, contact your veterinarian to prescribe German shepherd puppy milk. These things are sometimes required for a mother with GSD who is unable to produce enough milk or for neonates with a poor suckling reflex.

German shepherd puppies

Because puppies can’t regulate their temperature during this time, make sure the temperature is warm enough. This time, you won’t have to bathe them because the mother GSD will clean her litter by licking them frequently. If the puppies are orphaned, gently clean them with a warm, damp towel. Dehydration might result from over-bathing the puppies.

Give the mother two days to bond with her litter and feed the puppies if you leave newborn German shepherd puppies with her. Don’t interfere with the acceptance process because it takes time.

You can put the puppies in a crate beside their mother if you observe that your GSD has accepted her litter and is feeding them. She will clean and care for her puppies while also continuing to feed them with her milk.

Weighing and tracking of German Shepherd Puppy

Monitor the weight of the German shepherd puppies at least four times a week to ensure that they are acquiring enough weight. If the puppies aren’t growing enough weight, it’s possible they’re not getting enough milk or nutrition, so see your veterinarian straight away. German shepherd Puppies normally weigh between 0.8 and 1.3 pounds when they are born. After 12 hours, 24 hours, two days, three days, five days, and seven days weigh them again.

German shepherd Puppies should gain weight gradually and weigh between 1.6 and 2.1 pounds at the end of the week. Contact your veterinarian if your puppy isn’t gaining weight, isn’t breastfeeding, or appears dehydrated or distressed. Also, keep an eye on the mother.

German shepherd puppies- the newborns on the couch

Socialization and How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy

Because the German shepherd puppies can walk adequately at four weeks, they will continue to play with their siblings, mother, and handler to socialize. When engaging with the German shepherd puppies, the handler must be cautious so that they do not regard him or them as a threat. Now that their teeth are fully matured, they can start eating solid meals for the first time.

  • Physically, the German Shepherd puppies will continue to develop. Because their emotions will be more complex, they may bite your hands, so begin training your German shepherd puppies to stop biting now.
  • Because the mother GSD’s milk production begins to slow, it’s critical to provide a high-quality solid diet. When the puppies reach the age of six weeks, they can be totally weaned from their mothers.
  • It’s a good idea to start training them when they’re 8 weeks old to avoid behavioral issues.
  • Teach them the basics, but emphasize socialization and bite inhibition. If the puppies haven’t been totally potty trained yet, start now.

Male German shepherd puppies weigh between 9 and 10 kg at 9 weeks of age, while females weigh between 7 and 9 kg. Their height is between 12 and 15 inches.


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