The German Shepherd Chow mix, which combines the German Shepherd and the Chow Chow, has grown in popularity in recent decades because of its attractive, fluffy appearance and outgoing temperament. Chow Shepherds are a combination of different breeds. They are not purebreds like their German Shepherd Dog or Chow Chow parents. While most people prefer pure-breed dogs, others find mixed-breed dogs to be equally fascinating and lovable.

A German Shepherd Chow crossbreed is a medium-sized dog with great characteristics from both parents. These puppies inherited some of their parents’ greatest qualities. Breeders aimed to combine the two parent breeds in order to reduce the health issues that plague many purebred dogs while also creating the ultimate herding and companion dog.

German shepherd chow mix lying on the ground

Body Characteristics of German Shepherd Chow Mix

A German Shepherd Chow crossbreed is a medium-sized dog with great characteristics from both parents. The majority of them weigh 45 to 90 pounds and stand 22 to 26 inches tall at the shoulder. Because they are so young, many of them may be smaller or larger than typical. Which parent gene becomes more prevalent determines the appearance of a German Shepherd Chow mix.

  • A curled tail, similar to that of a German Shepherd, is also present.
  • The dog also appears to have inherited the German Shepherd father dog’s long muzzle, as well as a black accent on its face and sharp ears.
  • As a result, the German Shepherd Chow mix’s face resembles that of a bear or lion.
  • Chow Shepherd coats and hues are frequently a combination of their German Shepherd and Chow Chow parents’ coats and colors.
  • Fawn, cream, gray, red, brown, and black are the primary hues of Chow Shepherds.
  • They usually feature a lovely combination of two or more colors.
  • Chow Shepherds are known for their long, dense coats and are not recommended for allergy sufferers.

Behavior of German Shepherd Chow Mix

Chow Shepherds are wonderful family pets and watchdogs. They’re devoted and protective, and they’ll warn you if outsiders approach. When meeting new people, they may appear distant.

German shepherd chow mix lying on the plank

These puppies are descended from two working parents. Loyalty, protectiveness, and love are some of the characteristics that make German Shepherd Chows excellent family pets. It’s also an excellent watchdog since, when confronted with a stranger or someone who isn’t part of the family, the dog gets apprehensive and may display intimidation as a deterrent to potential intruders. Chow Shepherds enjoy being active and receiving lots of praise and attention from their humans.

Caring of German Shepherd Chow Mix

They are easily trained and flourish when given good reinforcement. If you leave them alone for an extended amount of time, they may develop separation anxiety, which can lead to melancholy and dissatisfaction. This can lead to undesirable behaviors such as chewing and home destruction.

Rewarding your dog while teaching it instructions will improve your relationship with it significantly. When your dog successfully answers your instruction, you reward it with a treat or a toy, but you don’t give it anything until it learns how to respond appropriately to your call. A German Shepherd Chow mix must be taught proper socialization and behavior around humans and other animals. If the dog will be living with children, it should be introduced to them as soon as possible so that it may learn to tolerate them and feel more at ease around them.

German Shepherd Chow requires a daily dose of mental and physical stimulation in order to keep on track. Because of its intellect, the dog may feel bored if it is confined to the house or is not engaged in exciting activities. Aside from engaging in activities such as running, hiking, jogging, and cycling with your dog, training is another approach to keep them stimulated.

German shepherd chow mix standing in the ice

German Shepherd Chow are descended from two parents who shed a lot. Their coats will require a lot of attention. Brushing on a daily basis and using a de-shedding brush during shedding season may be required. Baths are only required when absolutely necessary. Chow Shepherds have two coats, giving them an advantage in inclement weather. Many of these canines adore running and playing in the snow.

Health of German Shepherd Chow Mix

German Shepherd Chow mixes are predisposed to a number of difficulties that both individual breeds suffer. Most are in good health, while some may be prone to a few ailments.

The following are some of the more prevalent health issues that Chow Shepherds face:

  • Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Entropion

The average life span is between 13-15 years.


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