German Australian Shepherd Mix – 7 Exclusive Body characteristics And Behaviour

German Australian shepherd breed in the ice

The German Australian Shepherd is a stunning canine companion. The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is a lovely combination between the German Shepherd and the Australian Shepherd working dog breeds. This crossbreed, sometimes known as the German Australian Shepherd, is intelligent and energetic.

Despite the fact that both parents are herding breeds, their physical characteristics and breeding histories are vastly different. These dogs are versatile, but they require a lot of activity and want a lot of space to run around in. This giant mixed-breed dog has a powerful bite, making it a great guard dog to keep your family and belongings safe.

German Australian shepherd siting on the ground on the field

Body characteristics of the German Australian Shepherd Mix

  • Depending on which parent they are most like, these dogs have chiseled heads and medium to lengthy muzzles.
  • Some German Australian Shepherd puppies are born with their tails docked halfway or all the way to the nub.
  • Their almond-shaped eyes reveal their intelligence and serious demeanor.
  • They also have a thick water-repellent fur coat that protects them in a range of weather conditions.
  • The weight ranges from 46 to 65 pounds for German Shepherds mated with Australian Shepherds.
  • Medium to large-sized dogs makes up their parent breeds.
  • This crossbreed’s height could range from 20 to 23 inches. White, black, blue, red, cream, silver, and sable are among the colors that might appear on their coat.

Behavior of the German Australian Shepherd Mix

Australian Shepherd Dogs A German Shepherd mix is a high-energy dog that is best suited to owners and families who live an active lifestyle. This dog also enjoys going outside and enjoying the natural world. German Australian Shepherds are in high demand because of their outgoing personalities. They are lively canines with a laid-back personality.

These canines are devoted and may be trained to defend you if necessary. If they’ve been properly socialized, they’ll be good towards strangers and accept them. These dogs make wonderful pets for families. Most youngsters are tolerated as long as they are not harsh or violent. This dog is best kept in households without little children because it is a medium to large breed.

Caring for the German Australian Shepherd Mix

German Australian shepherd lying on the grass

German Shepherd dogs that have been crossed with Australian Shepherd dogs are intelligent canines. They can be well-trained to work as service or therapy dogs. Owners with high intelligence have less anxiety and greater pride. This crossbreed would require less training time from the trainers. Its friendly nature can lead to a scary condition, which can lead to separation anxiety. This problem can be avoided with proper obedience training and socialization.

When acquiring a German Australian Shepherd, the first thing any owner should think about is obedience training. Agility training should be explored for these dogs while they are still young due to their amazing agile bodies and athletic frames. As this designer hybrid becomes older, guard and therapeutic training are also possible possibilities to consider.

This breed requires a lot of activity. They are lovely and affectionate dogs, but if you don’t exercise them enough, they will become destructive or unruly. The German Australian Shepherd is a breed with a lot of energy. That means they’ll require roughly 2 hours of activity spread out over the course of the day.

At least a quarter of this time should be spent at a greater intensity. You can take them on walks, hike, swim, take them to the dog park, run, or work with them. If you prefer to walk with your dog over any other activity, you should aim to walk them for 15 kilometers per week.

German Australian shepherd have a double coat that both of their parents gave them. That means you’ll have to groom them frequently to keep their coats in good shape and reduce the amount of fur that falls out. Brushing is an important part of this mixed breed’s grooming routine. Throughout the year, German Shepherd Australian Shepherds sweat a lot.

German Australian shepherd on the field resting

This breed exhibits the concept called ‘blowing of the coat’ during certain seasons when the most active and heavy shedding occurs. Brushing the dog’s coat provides adequate insulation. A well-brushed coat helps to keep the dog’s temperature stable in the face of changing conditions. You should also check for tick and flea infestations while brushing your coat.

Health Issues of the German Australian Shepherd Mix

The progenitor breed of the Australian Shepherd is healthier than the other dog breeds. It has few skins, coats, and bone issues. Here’s a rundown of some of the most prevalent health problems that German Australian shepherds face.

  1. Hemophilia
  2. Dysplasia of the hips and elbows
  3. Retinal Atrophy (Progressive Retinal Atrophy)
  4. Epilepsy
  5. An anomaly of the Collie Eye

The German Australian shepherd has a maximum lifetime of 15 years.


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