Extinct dog breeds! Dogs come in a variety of breeds, some of which you may not be familiar with. Unfortunately, many dog breeds may be extinct in today’s world. Dogs are disappearing from sight because people no longer consider them trendy or necessary in the home. While some may appear physically close to today’s dog breeds, others will be rather strange in appearance. These canines are a true mishmash of personalities.

Those sad breeds that perished during the Globe Wars — a time when the world was in chaos and many canines were exploited as food supplies. Others had a less dramatic demise, as they just went out of style or were supplanted by similar breeds.

List of Extinct Breeds

  • Alaunt Breed

The ancient Alaunt was said to have been bred by the ‘Alani,’ an Iranian nomadic tribe, and lived in both mainland Europe and Asia. These ancient people used their dogs as workers, and several strains of the breed were developed for varied reasons. During the Middle Ages, large running dogs with the body of a greyhound and a broad and short brachycephalic-type head were used to capture and bring down game for the hunter to dispatch.

  • Alpine Mastiff Breed

A short-haired dog is thought to be the parent of St. Bernard; a mastiff-type dog recognized in the Western Alps since the Middle Ages; it is often claimed they were descended from dogs introduced to the area by the Romans. The Alpine Mastiff, a huge and visually striking breed, is regarded to be one of the first ‘giant breeds’ ever developed by man. This Molosser-type dog grew to huge heights and weights, dwarfing the English Mastiff of today.

mastiff dog breed

  • Argentine polar breed

The Argentine Army developed a variety of sled dogs in the 1950s to provide transportation for military facilities in Antarctica; it became extinct in the early 1990s when sled dogs were removed from Antarctica to conform to research regulations due to disease transmission. These canines were well-suited to the cold, with three layers of fur and a thick coating of fatty tissue to keep them warm. They were quick on their feet and could cover vast distances on snow and ice in a short amount of time.

  • Belgian Mastiff Breed

It was a large, powerful mastiff with a smooth coat and docked tail that was used as a draught dog throughout the Low Countries; its employment became redundant in the twentieth century, and it is now thought to be extinct.

  • Black and Tan Terrier

Most Fell terrier breeds, including the Border Terrier, Lakeland Terrier, Patterdale Terrier, and Welsh Terrier, are descended from this British terrier breed with a rough black and tan coat. The black and tan terrier was considered more of a type of a dog than a breed during its existence, and there would have been a lot of variety from one individual to the next.

  • Blue Paul Terrier Breed

A Scottish bull-type terrier used for dogfighting was popular from the mid-nineteenth century until the criminalization of dogfighting at the end of the century. the color blue The Paul Terrier was a medium-sized dog with a huge head, strong physique, and short, blue-colored fur. The breed’s primary purpose was to compete against other dogs, and it did it with bravery and tenacity but is now extinct.

  • Braque Dupuy Breed

It was once alleged that Greyhound or Sloughi blood was used in their breeding. A French breed of the pointer from the Poitou region; notable for its speed when compared to other French pointing breeds; it was once stated that Greyhound or Sloughi blood was used in their breeding. The Braque du Puy was primarily a hunting dog that hunted small game-like birds.

  • Bull and Terrier

This British breed was created by combining the Old English Bulldog with the Black and Tan Terrier for the purpose of dogfighting; many people believe the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier are the same dogs. This dog needed to have a robust, well-muscled body, as well as a lot of grit and courage.

bull and terrier dog breed

  • Bullenbeisser Breed

The Bullenbeisser, a vicious-looking dog with a muscular and athletic build, was once utilized for both bull-baiting and boar hunting. Bullenbeisser, literally translated from German to English, means Bull Biter. It is thought to be the parent of the Boxer, a German hunting-mastiff that dates back to the Middle Ages and was employed to hunt stag, boar, and even bear.

  • Celtic Hound Breed

Celtic hounds were a dog breed in Gaelic Ireland that was mentioned in Irish legend. They were common breeds in many ancient civilizations and were also known as the Vertragus. It is said to be the ancestor of modern sighthound breeds like the greyhound. They were carved into jewelry and depicted in several 17th-century paintings.

  • Chien Gris Breed

They were casualties of the Revolutionary War when hunting was seen as a self-indulgent rich man’s pastime. Survivors of the breed were being crossbred to increase their sports aptitude at the same time. Both of these circumstances contributed to the Chien Gris becoming extinct.

  • Cumberland Sheepdog

The Cumberland Sheepdog is a unique breed. Its existence is unknown, and its records are frequently confused with those of the Border Collie.

  • Dumfriesshire Black and Tan Foxhound

They were a rare, black, and tan-colored British pack of foxhounds developed in Scotland during the interwar period; a blend of English Foxhound, Welsh Foxhound, Bloodhound, and Gascon Saintongeois lineage; the pack was disbanded once foxhunting was prohibited in 2002.

  • English Water Spaniel

It is the ancestor of both the Curly-Coated Retriever and the Flat-Coated Retriever which succeeded it in popularity, and it vanished at the end of the 19th century. They are now in extinction.

English water spaniel dog breed

  • Grand Fauve de Bretagne

A scenthound breed from Brittany that was used to hunt wolves and wild boar; the breed went extinct in the late 1800s after wolves were eradicated from much of France. The Grand Fauve de Bretagne became extinct as a result of this shift in breeding patterns.

  • Halls Heeler

They are said to be the ancestor of the Australian Cattle Dog, having been produced from imported Scotch collies mixed with dingoes in Australia.

  • Hawaiian Poi Dog

The Poi Dog was a Hawaiian pye-dog that was kept by the native Hawaiians before European settlement; it was kept as a pet and for human consumption, and it also played a ceremonial role in Hawaiian culture; it got its name from poi, which was its main diet; it became extinct after European settlement.

  • King’s White Hound Breed

The Chien Blanc du Roi was a French scent dog that was kept by the Kings of France from Louis XI to Louis XV. They became extinct when Louis XV disbanded the pack in 1725.

  • Limer

In the Middle Ages, a scenthound known as a limer was used to locate a stag on the morning of a stag hunt; the limer was kept on a leash and led the huntsman to the stag, which was then hunted by other hound types; limers were known for their scenting ability and had to work quietly to avoid alerting the quarry.

  • Norman Hound

A huge French scent hound from Normandy that is said to be one of the ancestors of the Bloodhound; became extinct in the 19th century when hunters hunted it down.

  • North Country Beagle

The North Country Beagle is a blood relative of the Talbot (another extinct species), while some claim they existed for centuries before that, descended from Norman dogs brought to Britain around the 11th century.

  • Old English Bulldog

The Old English Bulldog was a fierce combatant who was rumored to be mentally challenged. Originally bred for bull-baiting, the dog was eventually bred to compete in dog fights. The passage of the ‘Cruelty to Animals Act’ in 1835, which outlawed both bull-baiting and dogfighting and rendered the Old English Bulldog obsolete, was a watershed moment in the breed’s history.

Old English bulldog

Others include old Spanish pointer, Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog, Paisley Terrier, Rastreador Brasileiro, Russian Tracker, St. john’s water dog, Sakhalin husky, Salish Wool dog, Sleuthhound, Smith field, Southern Hound, Staghound, Tahitian dog, Tahitian bear dog, Talbot hound, Tesem, Toybull dog, Toy Trawler spaniel, Turnspit dog, Tweed water spaniel and Welsh Hillman.


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