Making Dogs the best Companion by Taming or Enemy?

dog undergoing training

How to tame dogs and make them our companions. The dog can be the best companion a human being can ever have but this love can go sour when the dog doesn’t know how to obey the owner.

Taming a dog is by establishing your dominance on the dog and it’s possible to do so on dogs. one of the advantages of taming them is to help in hunting, security purposes e.t.c.

Taming means that the animal tolerates not only human closeness but petting also. Animals are tamed in order to reduce their dominance over humans.
Dogs are thought to evolve from wolves about 20,000 to 40,000 years ago. Those wolves are less aggressive and would have been more successful at this.

How can we tame our Dogs?

Give your dog attention regularly: Your own behaviour can influence your dog. if you are running around the house, talking loudly and shouting regularly, your dog will mimic this attitude. Give your dog attention and they will follow your footstep, this will help in taming the dog.

Teach them a simple command: Teaching your dog the most basic, simple command is a way to start taming dogs and make them become our best companions. Start from the basic level before proceeding to the complex stages.
Performing daily routine: Establishing a routine like going for a walk, feeding, bathing will in obeying owners command. This action will teach your dog that you are responsible for its basic needs.
Exercise: Getting enough exercise will reduce bad behaviour in dogs because lack of exercise makes them have lots of energy which can make them be acting violently.

dog looking at the playing object
Concept of training pets, domestic dogs being smart and educated

Removing boredom: Just like a human being, dogs need to play so as to avoid depression or anxiety, to avoid restlessness they need to use their muscle. Don’t force your dog to endure boredom.
Ignore their poor behaviour: Don’t punish your dog for poor behaviour this can lead to anxiety rather focus on good behaviour your dog has, avoid harsh treatment or correction.

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