There are different types of disease risk that dogs are prone to that are common and can be treated but left untreated can pose serious health complications. The Most Common Dog Diseases affecting them goes along together.

People can spread some diseases from dog to dog through handling an infected dog before petting or handling another dog.

Dog diseases are selection of disease and other condition associated to it found in dogs. These diseases are unique to dogs and it can be transmitted to man.

There is an increase risk infection associated with amount of time spent outdoors, a larger roaming space accesses by the dog and increasing in age.

Dog immune mediated skin disease before therapy. Photo of dog nose with erosions.

Some of The Most Common Dog Diseases are:

Parasitic Infection:

This is one of the Common Dog Diseases. This can be external such as Flea, Tick, Heartworm, Mite e.t.c, or internal like Trichinosis, Hookworm, Tapeworm, Toxocariasis, Whipworm e.t.c. These parasitic infections can cause diseases like neurological disorders known as tick paralysis, crusting of skin, itching, scaling e.t.c.

The parasitic infection symptoms can be cough, breathing difficulty, diarrhea, vomiting, poor growth, potbelly, and many more. This can also lead to death but in some, it may not show any sign.

Environmental Infection:

Environmental infection like heat stroke can arise in dog. When there is lack of water, no adequate exercise and high temperature can result into heat stroke which gives signs like vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty in breathing e.t.c. Sandbur can also enter through the mouth. If a dog is thirsty and then drinks a lot of water, air may be swallowed along with water which can cause problems in the stomach. It is advisable not to give a dog a larger bowl of water to drink.

A dog with a bite
Viral Infection:

Viral infection such as rabies, canine parvovirus (mainly common in puppy) canine distemper, canine coronavirus (this is a worse case in puppy), canine influenza, canine hepatitis are fatal viral disease that can affect dogs and can also be zoonotic disease. Some of this viral infection causes respiratory with neurological disorder. This disease can cause the death of dogs.

Bacterial infection:

These are infectious disease that can be transmitted through sexual activities or spread by ticks. This infection can cause abortion, liver and kidney failure, orchitis in dogs. Some symptoms here are acute arthritis, anorexia, lethargy e.t.c this can affect the respiratory organ and also cause diarrhea in dogs.

Fungal Infection:

This includes Blastomycosis, Coccidioidomycosis, Histoplasmosis, Ringworm, Aspergillosis, Cryptococcosis, Pythosis and others. These cause Common Dog Diseases which affect the brain, eye, lungs, skin, bone and small intestine. Some of the symptoms are skin lesion, sneezing, nasal discharge, bleeding from the nose, hair loss, scaly skin, pain seizure e.t.c.

Protozoan Disease:

Neosporosis, Babesiosis, Giardiasis, Coccidiosis, Leishmaniasis are some of the protozoan disease in dogs. They can cause disease like hemolytic anemia, and they can be zoonotic. Their symptoms include diarrhea, weight loss, retinal detachment. They can be spread by sandfly, ticks and others which makes it one of the Common Dog Diseases.

Poison and Drug overdose

Poison and Drug Overdose is another Common Dog Diseases. Ingesting of insecticide, Lead poisoning, chocolate, Garlic grape are dangerous to dogs. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, seizure, weakness, tremor, blindness e.t.c and can also lead to death.


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