In order to enhance fertility and the possibilities of conception, Breeding Timing In Dogs refers to the deliberate timing of insemination during the estrus period, also known as being in heat. Female dogs are known to go through the estrous cycle, or heat cycle, twice a year. The duration of the session will be three to four weeks.

When it comes to breeding, ovulation timing is a useful tool because it allows you to establish the best time for conception. Breeding Timing In Dogs can also assist you to figure out when your dog is due to give birth. The ovulation cycle in female dogs is an important factor to consider when planning a breeding season.

Breeding timing in dogs

For a variety of reasons, breeding time and related fertility-enhancing procedures may be used. If the female dog appears to be unable to conceive, this procedure may be considered required. For example, the male dog you’ve chosen as a breeding partner isn’t close by, the male dog has reduced fertility, your female dog has an unusual heat cycle, earlier efforts at breeding have failed due to improper timing, you’re using iced or chilled semen; fresh semen lives much longer, so timing is ideal if you’re using frozen or chilled.

Symptoms of Breeding Timing in Dog

Swelling in the vulva and the emergence of a clear to brownish vaginal discharge are signs of estrus onset in the bitch. The discharge, which originates in the uterus, will have a red tinge to it. The male animal, or stud, will show interest in the female, and she may display readiness, which is when she raises her tail to one side in response to being stroked in the genital region. Submissiveness, as well as playfulness, is examples of changes in behavior. A vaginal examination, on the other hand, is a better predictor of a fertile phase than the physical and behavioral indications indicated above.

Dogs displaying the symptoms of breeding timing

Diagnosis of Breeding Timing

LH (Luteinizing Hormone) testing – Blood is collected daily to confirm the presence of LH. Ovulation is caused by luteinizing hormone, and while this technique of mating scheduling is time-consuming and expensive, it is very accurate.

Blood progesterone levels – This technique provides you a rapid idea of how much progesterone you have. Prior to the luteinizing hormone spike, baseline levels will rise. A spike in progesterone indicates that the reproductive season is nearing. This test works well, however, the time among test phases will determine the success of the results.

Examination of male breed soundness is done to ensure the stud dog’s health and fertility. The dog’s medical history will be examined, and his physical condition will be determined. To determine semen motility, shape, and structure, a semen sample will be acquired. A prostate examination is frequently included. An ultrasound of the ovaries may also be used to confirm ovulation.

Vaginoscopy – The presence of mucus on the vaginal walls is checked to see if it indicates breeding capability. If approached and treated gently and quietly, female dogs in the ovulation cycle will usually stand calmly for the process. Hormonal changes in the vaginal mucosa might range from being dry to being wet and pink.

Regular smears are conducted to examine for structural changes in the cells in vaginal cytology. The cells flatten and become sharper as estrogen levels rise. This is a simple and inexpensive test that is normally repeated every other day until the cornification stage is attained.

diagnosis of breeding timing in dogs

Treatment of Breeding Timing

It is vital to determine the female’s day of menstruation while breeding dogs in order to enhance fertility. As a result, female dogs may be given luteinizing hormone (LH) to limit conception and control the bitch’s cycle, allowing breeding to be timed appropriately. The maximum fertile period lasts about five to six days after the LH rises. After progesterone levels rise, inseminating the bitch up to three times per week allows for multiple breeding- Breeding Timing In Dogs.

Frozen sperm, albeit less likely to work than fresh frozen sperm, can be used to inseminate the bitch. Single insemination five or six days following the peak of the LH hormones is common. In order to increase the chances of conception, it’s critical to time insemination based on progesterone levels.


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