The Azerbaijan Horse Breed | 5 Comprehensive Body Structure Facts, Information, History & Pictures

Azerbaijan horse breed

The Azerbaijan horse, also referred also as Azerbaidzhanskaya, is well-suited to mountain riding, particularly on steep slopes. It is a rare breed that is considered to be old. In 2007, Azerbaijan had just under 70 000 horses, with Deliboz accounting for 14–16 percent of the total, the other three strains or breeds accounting for 8–10 percent, and the Karabakh breed accounting for 20–22 percent. This was classified as threatened with extinction by the FAO in 2007; however, it was not among the horse breeds reported in 2021.

Azerbaijan horse is a riding horse native to Azerbaijani territories, as well as parts of Georgia and Armenia. This breed has a lengthy history in the area and is well-suited to herd life. This breed was designed as a saddle-pack animal, but due to their powerful temperament, they were also valued as a battle horses. Both Arabian and Tersk blood has been added to the Azerbaijan stock.

Azerbaijan breed of horse


Due to its natural pacing pace and primarily untamed herding nature, this breed is notorious for having an unpredictable temperament. The Deliboz, Guba, Shirvan, and Lesser Caucasus strains or types of Azerbaijani are recognized as distinct breeds. This group could possibly include Karabakh.

This breed originated in Azerbaijan, which was a part of the Soviet Union at the time. It is thought to have ancient beginnings though there are few records and its genetics are impacted by both the Karabakh and Persian horse breeds. Residents of the ancient Caucasus developed a saddle-pack horse able to travel huge distances at a faster rate, with Azerbaijan horse proving to be the most suitable for their needs. It was also well-liked all through the area because of its strength and agility during wartime.

Body Structure of the Azerbaijan Horse Breed

  • Azerbaijan is a quick and nimble horse capable of quickly traversing mountainous terrain.
  • Its natural, easy gait, as well as its sense of balance, make it less prone to accidents, which is critical for mountain riders.
  • The mane of an Azerbaijan horse is scant and short, as opposed to the luxuriant and streaming manes of other horses.
  • The shape of Azerbaijan is wedge-shaped, but it is well-proportioned nonetheless.
  • The back is short but muscular, the legs are powerful, the hooves are sturdy, and the ears are small and short.

Azerbaijan with quality body structure

Its most noticeable feature, though, is its broad, well-developed chest. Its evocative eyes are a little big for its proudly carried high head. Apart from its size, which ranges from 12.1 to 14 hands high (48-56 inches), about 700 pounds on average in weight. Conversely, its hair is fine, thin, gray, or bay in color. On rare occasions, you’ll see an Azerbaijan horse dressed in sorrel, buckskin, or black. Palomino is the breed’s rarest color. Hay, grass, and grains are all part of a horse’s general diet.

Health of the Azerbaijan Horse Breed

The Azerbaijani horse has a long lifespan. Because it is accustomed to harsh living conditions, its stock is hardy, and the breed rarely suffers from health problems. Although the number of Azerbaijan horse remains limited, both females and males of this breed are extremely prolific. They are not susceptible to infection. They normally live for a long time.

Azerbaijan with good health


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