Australian Mist Cat Breed

Australian mist cat breed

The Australian Mist breed of cat was created by Truda Straede in Australia beginning in 1975, by crossing the Spotted Tabby, Abyssinian, and random-bred short-haired cats to create a short-haired cat with a spotted coat. In 1998, marbled coats were accepted as part of the breed. The name was changed from “Spotted Mist” to “Australian Mist” in 1998.

The Australian Mist Cat Breed is a new breed of cat that was developed in 1977. The hybrid was created by Dr. Truda Straede with the goal of creating a cat that would be happy staying inside, while also having a mellow personality and easy-going nature.

The cat is a breed of cat that was first developed in Australia. It is not very well known outside of its native country, but it has been recognized for over 25 years and it is expanding throughout Australia and other countries.

Physical Appearance

Australian Mist is a medium-sized short-haired cat with a round head and large eyes. Its coat is very short, without an undercoat. Because the Australian Mist loses little hair, it does not need to be brushed much; however, brushing twice weekly can help remove loose hair and prevent matting.

The cat is a medium-sized, short-haired breed. The most distinctive feature of the  Mist cat is their blue eyes with a solid color coat, and they can also appear in cream and brown colors with tabby markings.

Australian mist with good physical appearance

The coat patterns have three aspects: the ground colour, which is paler than the pattern; the pattern; and the appearance of wearing a misted veil, caused by random ticking in the solid colour areas. The legs and tail are ringed or barred, and the face and neck also have lines of colour.

Australian Mist cats have many colors, including lilac, chocolate, peach, caramel, and gold. The underside should be lighter toning should be present on the nose, cheeks, and ears. Kittens are paler than adults.

Australian Mist cats are medium-sized felines weighing between 8 and 15 pounds. Males are often slightly larger than females, but otherwise, they look very much alike.


The Australian Mist has a good temperament, is tolerant of handling, and doesn’t scratch. They are lively as kittens, but less so when mature. The Australian Mists can make excellent indoor cats, protecting native wildlife. Some Australian Mists can be trained to walk on a lead, and many are excellent retrievers.

Australian mist displaying its behaviour


: Size, Appearance & Personality

Mist which is a crossbreed between the Burmese and Persian cats has very different temperaments. As a result, the Australian mist has a very tolerant nature and does well in households with active families. They also do well around children due to their laid-back personalities.


These Breeds of cats are generally healthy, but it’s important to stay on top of wellness visits with your vet. There aren’t any breed-specific conditions associated with the Australian Mist but watch for signs that your cat might be uncomfortable or in pain.

The Australian Mist is a medium-sized cat breed with no special nutritional needs. We recommend feeding high-quality food formulated for your cat’s life and activity level. The Australian Mist has a short, glossy coat that requires minimal grooming. Their coat can be brushed once a week to keep it clean and healthy.

Australian mist ready to receive care

The Mist cat is a cat that does well in most climates. Make sure they have enough shade or shelter when it’s hot, and fresh water is always available.  They are great cats to have around children if you socialize them from a young age. Just make sure the kids know how to interact with their new pet properly and set boundaries for both the kids and the cat. They live an average life of 15-19 years of age.

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