The Anglo-Kabarda Horse Breed or Anglo-Kabardin is a breed of horse that was developed in the early 20th century by crossing the Kabarda and Thoroughbred. This cross was created to produce a faster and larger horse than the native Kabarda, but adapted to the climate of northern Caucasus and was able to maneuver in mountainous terrain.

The Anglo-Kabarda breed is a cross of Thoroughbreds and Kabardins. The breed may have between 25 percent and 75 percent Thoroughbred blood. There are three different types of the breed: basic, oriental, and massive. This is a Russian breed.

The Anglo-Kabarda is a new hybrid breed that was created in the early 20th century as a solution to the need for a hardy and reliable animal. This horse could survive in harsh mountainous terrain, as well as be able to eat low-quality food.

Anglo-kabarda horse breed

Mountainous terrain makes it almost impossible for vehicles to move through the Caucasus region. So, in the early twentieth century, the Russians started searching for a horse that could withstand the harsh conditions of the area. For this purpose, they bred one of their local horses with a Kabarda stallion from the North Caucasus. The result was a big success since the new breed retained the speed and the size of the parental breed.

Body Structure of Anglo-Kabarda Horse Breed

Anglo-Kabarda Horse Breed; Horses of the basic type are medium-sized with well-shaped heads and well-muscled bodies. Those of the oriental type are smaller and lighter, they have smaller heads with large eyes and small ears, and clean legs. The massive types are heavier and taller with a body build similar to carriage horses.

Anglo Kabarda horses are typically between 157 and 163 cm tall. They have legs that are long and strong and well-developed, which gives them the speed of the Thoroughbred and the resistance of the Kabarda.

body structure of Anglo-kabarda horse

The horse has inherited the strong, well-formed joints and long legs from its parent, the Thoroughbred, but it also possesses the eye shape and hair color of the Kabarda. They are found in most solid colours.

Anglo-Kabarda Horse Behavior

Anglo Kabarda Horse are a crossbreed between the Anglo-Russian Laika and the Kabardin Shepherd. It is an energetic, spirited dog that can be very reliable. The breed is considered to be hardy and healthy, although it may need some supplemental nutrition due to its Thoroughbred bloodlines.

Anglo-kabarda displaying its behaviour

Anglo-Kabarda Horse Diets and Caring

This breed of horse is easy to care for. It does not need much feeding, and it will do well on pasture and grazing land. However, it should have access to water all year round. Normal grooming is enough to keep the horse healthy and weekly brushing is required.

Anglo-Kabarda Horse Health

Anglo-Kabarda horses are fairly hardy and known to be healthy with no recognized health issue but they are still susceptible to parasite infections. A periodic de-worming should prevent any gastrointestinal problems.

Anglo-Kabarda Horse Uses

Today, there are approximately 6,300 Anglo-Kabarda horses. Many of them are used in national and Olympic-level equestrian events. However, the Anglo-Kabarda is also used as a farm and workhorse in the Caucasus. It is also used as a saddle horse.


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