The Amur Pike Fish Species, or black-spotted pike, is a fish native to the Amur River system in east Asia. It also inhabits freshwater habitat on the island of Sakhalin. Its body is olive brown with black spots and a white belly. Young fish have seven to nine vertical stripes and small dark spots.

This fish has a silver body with black spots, and can reach 115 centimeters in length and 12.5 kilograms (28 pounds) in weight. Like other pikes, it is prized for sporting activities.

The Amur pike was introduced to Glendale Lake in Cambria County, Pennsylvania. This type of pike is known for its large size; they can grow up to 35 pounds and 40 inches long. The natural habitat for this pike is the Amur River, which forms the border between Russia and China.

Amur pike fish species

Glendale Lake is the only lake in the world with pure northern pike. The lake was chosen because it has an outflow, which takes water directly into heavily polluted waters. Pure northern pike are found in the lake today; however, it is probable that no pure or hybrid Amur pike remain. Some Amur pike escaped from the Benner Spring Fish Hatchery. This hatchery is in the Delaware River watershed.

Amur Pike Fish Species Body Structure

The Amur pike is elongated with a flattened head and body. The scales cover the cheeks, the upper part of the operculum and the whole upper part of the head. Its lateral line, which runs along its sides and over its back, has 130-165 scales, including 48-64 scales with perforations. The mouth is large with a snout elongated and the lower jaw is slightly protruding forward.

Amurpike with good body structure

The Amur pike has a vertically elongated body that is covered with dark brown or black spots. On the side of its body, it has a number of oblique dark bands that help it blend in with its surroundings. Young pikes reside among coastal thickets and have similar markings as adults, minus the spots.

As the name suggests, Amur Pike is easily distinguished from other pikes by its skin pattern. It has black spots on its body, unlike other pike species. Amur Pike also resembles huchos in its coloring. It has a dark brown and black stain on its sides, head, fins and anal fin, as well as back fins. Its maximum weight is 16 kg.

In the coastal areas of the Amur River similar to Northern Pike, but in adult coloring is different. Young pike have bright yellow spots on their sides and head, which are present on the anal, caudal and dorsal fins. They also have a slight resemblance to trout. It can be up to 30-35cm in length.


The life of the Amur pike is very similar to the Northern Pike. It lives in a coastal river or lake and then moves into open water as it matures. It likes to lie in ambush on the bottom of a lake or river and waits for prey, usually smaller fish. The mature Amur pike eats frogs, rodents, small birds and other animals

Amur pike in its habitat


The Amur pike, the largest freshwater fish in Russia, is at risk of becoming extinct. It usually feeds on other fish, but it has also been known to eat waterfowl and amphibians. The pike has enough energy mostly by ambushing its prey. When an attack occurs, the fish goes into a state of acceleration. The distinctive habit of catching prey is by laying ambush, as a predator; it waits for prey in a still position for a long time and then suddenly attacks.

Amur pike eating good diets

The Amur pike is a carnivorous fish. Its diet consists of small fish, frogs, insects, and crustaceans. The young Amur pike frequents coastal thickets where it feeds on smaller fish, frogs, insects and crustaceans.


Amur Pike is sexually mature at the age of 3-4 years at about 40 cm in length, which means that they spawn from March to July. During this time, it’s possible to see them from shore. However, their migration makes it difficult to spot them sometimes. When some of them migrate through a very small place, their backs stick out of the water


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