The Alter Real horse breed was created in Portugal by Manuel da Silva Ramos. The first stallions were imported from Spain, and the breed has expanded to other parts of the world. The Alter Real horse breed is from Alter de Chao, a small town in the Alentejo province of Portugal. The flagship stud farm is located there. In Portuguese, “Real” means “Royal” and this breed was named as such because it comes from the Royal family of Alter.

The Alter-Real is a horse breed that has been bred in Spain for centuries. Its history is closely tied to the use of the Iberian horse and the studbook was started in 1882.

Breed of Alter Real horse

The Alter Real horse was bred in the late 18th century and is a mix of Andalusian and Arabian horse. It is believed that during the Napoleonic invasions, Arabian, Thoroughbred, Norman and Hanoverian blood was introduced to create horses for military use. The resulting animals were not as good quality as the original stock. Later attempts to improve the breed with Arabian blood also failed.

The Andalusian horse is a popular breed that has faced many challenges over the years. During the invasion of Napoleon, they were not as popular as other breeds such as Arabians, Norman, Hanoverian and Thoroughbreds. Once breeders used cross-breeding references with Andalusians in them, they became famous again. They are strong and hardworking.

A decade after the Portuguese revolution of 1910, the entire Alter Real stud seemed to have been irreversibly ruined. King Carlos was murdered, Emanuel II overthrown, and all of the mares were sold along with most of the stallions.

The Alter Real horse is a sturdy, compactly built breed of Spanish origin. It was originally bred for agricultural work and as an all-around family mount. The breed was first recognized by the Jockey Club in November 1957, alongside three other foreign breeds: the Belgian Warmblood, Anglo-Arabian, and Friesian horses.

Alter Real Horse Physical Appearance

The Alter Real Horse Breed are strong and powerfully built with impressive high-stepping action. The head of the Alter real horse is redefined with broad and muscular back. Alter Real horses are usually brown, gray, bay, or chestnut. They have average size with arched necks and they are most noted for their withers and compact body frames. Average height is around 15 hands to 16 hands.

Alter Real with good physical appearance

The Alter-Real horse is a hardy breed of horse that is very agile. This type of horse is commonly used by riders and in competitions, making it a great addition to any breeder or farm. They are a tall animal with a sweet personality and can be used for any facets of horse work or personal pleasure.

Alter Real Horse Behavior

The Alter-Real is a very intelligent horse. They have a kind and gentle personality, being pleasant most of the time.. They are especially timid and eager to please, which makes them quite easy to train. Most Alter-Reals are willing to learn quickly and tend to be strong and determined creatures who can work for their owners in any way they need. They’re also known as extremely loyal horses because of this trait.

Alter Real displaying its behaviour

Some people just want a family pet while others on a farm need a work horse. Owners of Alter-Real or Iberian horses are tempted to own them due to their resilience and easy temperaments. These horses have no known medical conditions and can live in any climate.

Alter Real Horse Functions

The Alter-Real horse is a great breed for riding and showing. It’s tall, gentle personality makes it ideal for families and individuals who want to ride. It can also be used in any facets of horse work or pleasure, including cattle driving, eventing, dressage or racing.


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