The Albanian Horse is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world, having been bred in the country since the 7th Century.  The Albanian horse breed is named after the country of its origin: Albania. This type is a common equine in Europe and is ideal for riding detail but also useful in light draft work.

Horses were first introduced to Albania in the 4th century BCE. In the early 20th century, there was a trend to improve agricultural work with horses. In 1980, measures were taken to promote and increase the production of Albanian horses. These improved horses are now produced at large breeding centers such as the Zootechnic Station at Shkodër.

The Albanian is a breed that originated in Albania. It descends from the Balkan horse, which itself descended from the Dinaric horses of the region. Due to its history of breeding with other breeds, it has some characteristics similar to those found in other breeds such as Arabians and Thoroughbreds.

Albanian horse breed

The Albanian Horse comes from a combination of Tarpan, Turkmenian, and Mongol horses. During the Ottoman Empire, Arabians were added to the mix. For the most part, local people bred these animals as necessary rather than following central management practices.

The Albanian horse was originally bred as a carriage and riding animal. However, in the 1990s, the government of Albania decided that they needed to create a larger breed of horse that could be used for agricultural purposes and plowing. The result was a drastic increase in numbers and an overall improvement of the breed.

Two main types of cheese are distinguished, a mountain type and a lowland type. The latter is known as “Myzeqeja” after the region of Myzeqeja.

Albanian Horse Description

There are two types: The Myzequea horse is a strong, robust breed that can survive in tough environments. They travel well over long distances and are often used as carriage horses or for light agricultural work. The Mountain type is smaller, lighter and livelier than the plains version. They also have excellent endurance and resistance to diseases.

The Mountain Albanian is around 49 inches high, 125 centimeters high, while the lowland Albanian is taller at around 53 inches and 134 centimeters.

Albanian horse with good description

The Albanian horse is a domesticated animal that has been bred for centuries in Albania. It is known as a sturdy, stocky breed of horse with common colors such as chestnut, black, or gray.The Albanian horse is a high-energy, high-endurance breed. They have incredible agility and balance due to their light weight and proportions.

Albanian Horse Functions

Until the 1970s, Albania relied on horses as its primary means of transportation because it had no tractors. This was critical to Albania’s economy because the horse was used by military members and for transport. Today, Albanians use horses almost exclusively in harness or as pack animals; occasionally they are used for riding. It can also be use for Transportation and Cart horse.

Albanian Horse Feeding

The Albanian horse is a hardy breed that can thrive on grass. It also thrives on hay and grain, but it is important to make sure the food isn’t moldy or spoiled. They can live for a longer period of years.

Albanian horse going for feeding













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