Aegean cats, also known as Greek cats, are a natural landrace originating from the Cycladic Islands in southeast Greece. They occur commonly in the Aegean Sea and were introduced to the islands around 3000 BC. Aegeans are considered one of the oldest domesticated breeds; they were used by ancient people for hunting and pest control.

The Aegean cat is considered a national treasure in Greece. Although cats have been domesticated for thousands of years, the Aegean cat was formalized as a breed only after it was bred in the early 1990s. These cats are naturally developed from Greece, making them a rare breed.

Aegaan cat breed lying down on the ground

However, the breed was only formally bred in the early 1990s. These cats are naturally developed without any human interference. Although they are rare as a breed, these felines are quickly gaining popularity among cat lovers.

The breed of cats that are known to be the friendliest towards humans, the Aegaan, is said to have gained this trait from their upbringing. These cats were often around sailors and fishermen, who took them along with them on any traveling they did. They are extremely popular in Greece, but are rarer to come across in other countries. It’s speculated that these cats are not afraid of water.

Physical appearance

Aegean cats are known for their strong resemblance to the original wild bobcat.They have a large, muscular body with broad shoulders and a long tail. Their fur is short, dense and shiny. The most common color varieties are solid grey or silver-gray, tabby or striped, black or blue, but also have been found in others.

The Aegean cat is a medium-sized muscular semi-long haired cat with white as one of its coat colours. White usually takes up a larger percentage of the colour of the body. The colour of their coat might include many other colours and patterns.

Aegean displaying its physical appearance

The Aegaan is a medium-sized cat with rounded ears and a long tail. The eyes can be green, blue or yellow and the ears have a wide base and round tips. The Aegaan has hair on its ears, which makes them look like rounded triangles. Aegean cats are generally small to medium sized. Most weigh between nine and ten pounds.


The Aegean cat is a large, friendly breed that makes for great additions to any family. These cats are very sociable and always look for ways to interact with humans in their environment. Whether they want attention during down times or are looking for play sessions, these cats will constantly be around people.

The Aegaan is a very intelligent dog that can live in an apartment. It is active, lively and communicative, not hesitating to draw your attention.

Aegaan showing its behaviour in water

If you can provide a safely area, Aegeans will very much appreciate it. Aegeans are group of cats who enjoy water, love to have water in their surroundings.

Training and Caring

The Aegean cat is known for being smart and athletic, so you’ll need to always keep it physically and mentally stimulated.

The cat is one of the most intelligent animals. They are highly interactive and would very readily pick up training and tricks. They are obedient, easy to train but you have to start with the basic home rules.

The Cats are very loving pets that will quickly bond with the children in your home. If early socialization takes place and boundaries are properly set on both sides, the cat and kids can have a great relationship.

Aegean ready for training and caring

Aegeon is only moderately high maintenance when it comes to grooming. Their coat will become thicker in winter, but they do not shed that much. Brushing the breed 2-3 times a week should be enough to keep them looking their best.


Aegeans are often considered healthy cats. As of yet, there are no breed specific health issues with the cat. The main health concern with Aegeans is obesity, which is common among domesticated cats.


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