The Peterbald is a cat breed that originated in Russia. Olga S. Mironova experimented with breeding and created it in St Petersburg in 1994. They have a hair-losing gene like Oriental Shorthairs.

Fever in Cats- Cats have a typical temperature of 100.4o to 102.5o Fahrenheit. When temperatures rise above 102.5o F, cats get a fever. Although fevers can help you fight disease,

Vomiting in cats is a common early indicator of the disease, so don't ignore this significant change in your cat's health. Hairballs are common in cats due to their meticulous grooming habits,

Common mistakes you do in everyday life with your pets affect your pets in one way or the other. When your pet is not responding well to you, this means that you are not treating your pet well. Owning a pet can really add value and joy to one's life, but it requires certain things. It's a serious commitment. Neglecting some essential aspects of pet care and training will have a significant impact on your newly adopted pet's health or behavior.

Oriental cats are a broad collection of felines with their origins in the Siamese breed. The Oriental Shorthair is a domestic cat breed that descended from the Siamese cat and is closely linked to it.

The Oriental Longhair is a domestic cat breed. It has a lot in common with the Oriental Shorthair. While it is thought that a similar species of the cat was produced in Turkey in the 19th century, they swiftly vanished across Europe

Any Oriental bicolor cat, whether long-haired or short-haired and in any pattern, including colorpoint, with white spots on its coat caused by the white spotting gene, is known as an Oriental bicolor.

Antifreeze in cats commonly comes into contact with cats when it seeps into the ground from a car's engine, when it is spilled onto the ground while being applied to a car's engine,

There are no recognized causes or risk factors for brain tumors in cats. Various nutritional, environmental, genetic, chemical, and immune system components are thought to be

The Ojos Azules, like many other unique cat breeds, were discovered by chance. Cats with midnight blue eyes have been identified in wild cat populations in New Mexico. Cornflower,